Step into Health: the pledging process

A step-by-step guide to support for organisations pledging to Step into Health, repledging or updating contact details.

26 May 2023

The five pledges

Pledging to Step into Health involves making a public commitment to support the recruitment of members of the Armed Forces community into the NHS.

There are five pledges that we require organisations to commit to:

  1. Reviewing recruitment practices and removing any barriers to recruiting members of the Armed Forces community.
  2. Sharing dedicated Step into Health contact details.
  3. Building a relationship with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP).
  4. Using the Step into Health branding to promote consistent messages about the programme.
  5. Using the Step into Health candidate system to record interactions with potential candidates and to refer between NHS organisations as required.

Expression of interest

To begin your pledge to Step into Health, register your interest by filling in an expression of interest form and a member of the team will contact you.


Introductory meeting

You will be invited to a call where the Step into Health team will give you an overview of the programme and the Armed Forces community. 

  • The team will explain the pledges and give you some inspiration on how they can be fulfilled and the additional support available. You are welcome to invite any representatives from your organisation to the call, it is particularly useful to include HR or recruitment representatives.

    Once you complete the introductory call you'll receive a copy of the Step into Health pledge certificate and Data Sharing Agreement for your organisation to review.

    All services provided by the Step into Health programme are free of charge.


Pledge documentation

After your organisation makes a pledge to Step into Health, please confirm the representative(s) who attended the introductory call and provide the necessary pledge documents.

    • A signed and dated Step into Health pledge certificate (usually signed by a director or equivalent) with your organisation's name included.
    • A signed and dated Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) (usually reviewed by your organisation's internal governance department before signing).

    You can return the pledge certificate to receive confirmation of your organisation's pledge and start implementing processes before returning the DSA. However, to take advantage of the full benefits of the programme, it is recommended the DSA is returned at the earliest opportunity. 

    Please note that access to the Step into Health Candidate Monitoring System (CMS) can only be granted once a completed DSA is received along with contact details of the person who will act as the system administrator for your organisation.

    Once the Step into Health team have received the DSA and an admin contact, the account will be created. The admin and any additional users will then be invited to review the information on the hub about the CMS and attend a CMS demo call.

Pledged already but have changes to make

  • If your organisation has merged, changed its name, or made a pledge some time ago, it is highly recommended to repledge to re-energise the programme as a priority for your organisation and to showcase your commitment among the Armed Forces community.

    The repledge process is almost exactly the same as the pledge process mentioned in steps one to three, but, instead of filling out the expression of interest form, please email the team at

  • If your organisation is already pledged and you have assumed responsibility for the Step into Health programme please email and update the team with your contact details and ensure that you are signed up to our Step into Health Network for additional support.

    We would also encourage you to attend an introductory call so that you can meet the team, get updated with the latest news, get an overview of the programme and ask any questions you may have.

    You may require a Candidate Monitoring System account if you do not have access to a group email inbox. Your organisations' system administrator should be able to create an account for you, however, should you need any assistance with this, please get in touch with the Step into Health team.