Can we be both fair and flexible in agile working?

This webinar in partnership with agiLab where looked at the latest evidence based practice for agile working arrangements.

General information

15 November 2023 10:00 - 13:00 GMT
Open to all

This webinar looked at the latest evidence based practice on the balance between fairness and flexibility in agile working arrangements.

agiLab is a collaboration between University of Sussex and the NHS to develop research-led best practices for effective agile working. 


We were joined by a leading expert, Professor Almudena Canibano, ESCP Business School and an NHS best practice exemplar leader.

  • Dr Emma Russell, Director of agiLab, opened the session and provided a research round up.

  • Professor Almudena Canibano, ESCP Business School, discussed paradoxical tensions of flexible working and its impact on wellbeing.

  • Dr Emma Russell, Director of agiLab, led a discussion on the latest findings from study ‘ Understanding and reducing the tensions between clinical and non-clinical staff at NHS, in relation to agile working’.

  • A best practice exemplar of agile working from Annie Broadbent, People Business Partner, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Sajjad Iqbal, Associate Director of wellbeing, inclusion and employee experience, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Webinar recording

The recording of the event is only accessible to registered delegates and members of agiLab.

If you would like to become a member of agiLab you can do this on the agiLab website which is free of charge.