Supporting your staff during Ramadan

Join our webinar on 26 February to find out how you can support the wellbeing of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan.
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General information

26 February 2024 15:00 - 16:00 GMT
Open to all


  • Headshot of Salman Waqar
    Salman Waqar External link icon
    President The British Islamic Medical Association
  • Headshot of Sabina Hafesji
    Sabina Hafesji External link icon
    Co-chair and co-founder The NHS Muslim Women’s Network
  • Headshot of Asma Nafees
    Asma Nafees External link icon
    Joint Chair, Asian Professionals’ National Alliance and Deputy COO, NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands CSU
  • Headshot of Becky Tasker
    Becky Tasker External link icon
    Diversity and Inclusion Programme Manager, NHS Employers

This webinar, held in partnership with the British Islamic Medical Association and the NHS Muslim Women’s Network will provide insights and advice around how to support your Muslim staff during Ramadan. 

Supporting staff during Ramadan will lead to improved wellbeing and can also improve retention.

The event will help employers and line managers to accommodate religious belief and practices during Ramadan by being responsive to staff needs. The webinar will also cover the health and occupational ramifications related to fasting.

Why you should attend

This session will:

  • give an overview of what Ramadan is and the health and occupational ramifications for NHS staff
  • provide the perspective of an NHS Muslim employee
  • share good practice about supporting staff during this period.

Who should attend

This webinar is for all managers and staff who would like more information to help them support their colleagues during Ramadan.

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Please register to reserve your place. For further information email: diversityandinclusion@nhsemployers.org

Event partners

APNA - South Asian Heritage NHS Leaders Staff Network
BIMA - British Islamic Medical Assocation
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