Enhancing Doctors' Working Lives report 2023

NHS England has published the 2023 Enhancing Doctors' Working Lives (EDWL) report

6 December 2023

The 2023 report will be the seventh progress report to be published and it captures the improvements NHS England has made in the working lives of doctors over the last year. 

The seventh annual report details new and developing initiatives that support the delivery of more integrated and person-centered care and highlights those developed to reduce the impact the pandemic has had on training progression and wellbeing.

This aligns with the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan, that highlights the need to recruit and retain the NHS workforce and includes updates on:

  • Less-than-full-time (LTFT) training. Making less-than-full-time training (LTFT) available to all doctors in postgraduate training while prioritising those with protected characteristics and continuing to comply with the Equality Act.
  • Supported return to training (SuppoRTT). In 2022/23, 2,657 post-graduate doctors returning to training after a break, then went on to access bespoke packages of support through the programme.
  • Flexible portfolio training (FPT) expansion across all specialties across England.
  • E-rostering exemplars including the use of personalised rotas, and live rotas, as a single source of truth.


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