Paediatric trainees: local pay amendments

RCPCH Progress+, the new two-level run through specialty training programme is now live.

11 August 2023

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health's (RCPCH) paediatric training is now moving to a new training pathway structure which will reduce the time to complete to seven years, instead of eight, and will consist of two levels instead of three.  

The RCPCH has issued extensive information about Progress + pathway. Under Progress+, ST1 to ST4 will form the first core level of training while ST5 to ST7 will be the second specialty level, although the programme will remain run-through.

Employers need to be aware of special pay arrangements that will need to be implemented on a local level to ensure that this does not impact trainees' pay. Trainees entering ST1-4 or ST6-8 in Autumn 2023 should not require any special pay arrangements.

However, there will be some ST5 trainees who would have been due to enter ST6 under the old pathway.  Any such trainees will need to be placed on pay point MS06 to ensure they receive the expected nodal point 5 pay. Employers will be informed by their NHS England Workforce, Training and Education (formerly Health Education England) local offices of any such trainees who need this amendment applied.

Once you are informed of these trainees you should apply these amendments as soon as possible.