Public consultation on regulation of PAs and AAs

The General Medical Council (GMC) has opened a public consultation on the regulation of physician associates (PAs) and anaesthesia associates (AAs).

27 March 2024

On Tuesday 26 March the GMC opened a public consultation on the rules, standards and guidance needed to implement the regulation of PAs and AAs. 

The consultation will run for eight weeks until midnight Monday 20 May. It also covers other areas of the GMC’s oversight of PAs and AAs. 

These include: 

  • education and training
  • registration 
  • fees
  • dealing with concerns.

In addition, the consultation is also asking for views on draft principles to inform the content of fitness to practise decision-making guidance that will, from the end of this year, apply to doctors as well as to PAs and AAs.

Charlie Massey, chief executive, GMC, said: "Everyone agrees that regulation is needed and that it will benefit patient safety and public confidence. We are now setting out our proposed approach for how we will regulate these professions. 

"This consultation is not about whether the GMC should be the regulator but about how we regulate. The law requires us to take on this role from December this year.

"It is important for us to hear feedback from representatives of patients, PAs, AAs, doctors and employers, as well as other stakeholders and from individuals. This consultation will determine how we implement the powers and duties the legislation gives us."

In July 2019 the GMC was asked by the UK government to act as a professional regulator for physician associates (PAs) and anaesthesia associates (AAs) and is due to commence in this role in December 2024.