Share your thoughts on the proposed Advanced British Standard

The Department for Education has launched a consultation on the new proposed baccalaureate style qualification for 16-19 year olds.

19 December 2023

The government introduced the concept for the baccalaureate style Advanced British Standard (ABS) in the autumn which proposes to transform the way qualifications are delivered at Level 3.

The ABS aims to:

  • bring together technical and academic routes into a single framework, taking the best of A Levels and T Levels
  • increase the number of taught hours for all students
  • require students to study maths and English to the age of 18
  • offer greater breadth and in turn increasing the number of subjects students take
  • give students the choice of a combination of bigger and smaller subjects called majors and minors.

The initial consultation on the proposal runs until 20 March 2024. The consultation document contains policy proposals and questions that will seek feedback to help government to continue developing their approach to the ABS and how it's delivered.

NHS Employers are collating views from employers to submit a response on behalf of the NHS, please email with your views.