Do OD Conference XI: meet our exhibitors

Find out more about our exhibitors at our Do OD conference XI - The power of the team: Harnessing collaboration, diversity and challenge

25 April 2024

At Do OD conference XI - The power of the team: Harnessing collaboration, diversity and challenge we are happy to host a number of exhibitors who can support OD professionals and organisations undergoing change. Please pop over to the exhibition space and find out more on the day.

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  • TED is a powerful team diagnostic and  toolkit with resources that are designed to enable team leaders to have structured and meaningful conversations with their team. 
    The tool helps team leaders to explore what it feels like to work in their team and helps identify improvements that would make the biggest difference to team performance and engagement. 
    TED is designed to empower; providing team members with a voice whilst simultaneously building the capability of team leaders to have the conversations that matter the most to their team.
    Developed internally by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals in 2016, it was initially designed in response to the NHS Staff Survey results and increasing requests of the organisational development (OD) team to support individual team development interventions.
    By enabling and building the capability of team leaders to take ownership of their own team development, it has allowed OD to focus on more holistic, strategic-level improvements to deliver whole organisation performance enhancements. 

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  • Assessing and developing team working in health and social care | AOD ( in their 21st year, Affina Organisation Development (AOD) is recognised as the national specialist in team-based working across health and care. That’s why we're delighted to see team working so clearly championed at this year’s Do OD conference.

    Our evidence-based tools and programmes, built from Professor Michael West’s inspirational research, range from a simple team assessment to award-winning team development. The Affina Team Journey also forms part of an NHS MSc leadership programme.

    We work in partnership with HR/OD specialists, people directors and leadership teams, and support thousands of teams across all care settings, including acute, primary care, social care and mental health.

    Starting with your objectives and vision, our network of expert facilitators help you to choose the best strategic option for improving performance, and identify measures to demonstrate impact at team, organisation or system level.

    Let’s talk about how to bring out the best in your teams!

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  • "We have supplied leading-edge Learning and Talent Management Systems in Healthcare for over 15 years. We are deeply proud that over 30% of the NHS in England, as well as Circle Health, HCRG Care and other public and private sector customers, access our Totara Learning and Talent platform.

    "Our Totara TXP codebase actively supports our clients to reduce the burden of compliance training, better engage with learners and ultimately, positively impact your employees’ performance.

    "Over the past few years, we’ve created innovative new solutions to extend Totara functionality for Healthcare; supporting mentoring and coaching, health and wellbeing plans, talent and 360 feedback, Supervision, CPD budget management, and much more.

    "We are proud to have won the Totara Award for Global Totara Partner of The Year, 2023."

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  • The NHS Employers Do OD team supports developing organisations and systems to be better practitioners and make a positive impact on patient care. We ensure the ambitions and actions of the NHS People Plan are at the heart of our work. We take a systems approach to our work, clearly demonstrating our values of curiosity, creativity, courage and co-production in all we do. 

    We are looking forward to meeting colleagues at conference, please do say hello on the day.

    We'd love to hear from you about your organisations OD practice, please contact the OD team