Doctors and dentists in training terms and conditions (England) 2016

Version 11 (February 2023) TCS for NHS doctors and dentists in training. Including transitional pay protection that is extended until 6 August 2025.

21 February 2023

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This document sets out version 11 (February 2023) of the full terms and conditions of service (TCS) for NHS doctors and dentists in training on the 2016 contract. The amendments are fully detailed in the record of amendments to the TCS.

This version was published on 21 February 2023 and replaces version 8 published on 21 November 2022.

Guidance on the new pay system for less than full time trainees (PDF)

This guidance sets out how the pay system works for less than full time (LTFT) trainees on the 2016 terms and conditions of service, including calculating basic pay, additional hours and enhancements and allowances and pay premia’s. 

Less than full time - weekend and on-call availability allowance ready reckoner (Excel)

Where a doctor on the 2016 terms and conditions is working less than full time (LTFT), any weekend allowance or on-call availability supplement will be pro-rata to the doctor’s commitment to the full-time rota. This ready reckoner works out the commitment to the full-time rota, and therefore the LTFT weekend allowance/LTFT on-call availability allowance.

Transitional end date ready reckoner (Excel)

Maternity guidance

NHS Employers has published updated guidance for doctors in training who need to plan maternity leave. This factsheet provides guidance for doctors in training who need to plan maternity leave and includes information on timelines for telling your employer you are pregnant, when to take maternity leave, maternity pay and advice for doctors in training who may be moving between employers.

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