Job Evaluation Group advice

Advice, information and training for employers from the NHS Job Evaluation Group.
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5 August 2021

This page showcases advice, information and training for employers on the implementation of the NHS job evaluation (JE) scheme, provided by the NHS Staff Council's Job Evaluation Group (JEG).

5 December 2022 - Managing equal pay risk by ensuring good job evaluation practice 

This guidance is designed to help organisations adopt and ensure good practice in job evaluation, and increase confidence in pay band determination.

22 October 2021 - Guidance for band 6 and band 7 multi-professional profiles

Read guidance to support the use of new multi-professional profiles. The guidance identifies how these profiles should be used, when they will be reviewed and a brief note on safeguarding of the public and professional competence. It is to be read in conjunction with the creation of the new job family of clinical practitioners.

5 August 2021 - Clinical support worker roles - guidance for employers

Read this guidance in conjunction with the updated band 2 and band 3 clinical support worker profiles. This employer guidance is intended to assist you when reviewing clinical support worker roles, and updating local job descriptions, to ensure that job matching outcomes remain reliable, accurate, fair, and consistent.

5 August 2021 - Clinical support worker roles - guidance for matching panels 

JEG has produced some additional guidance for matching panels to support them when undertaking job matching of Clinical Support Worker roles. The guidance covers panel questions and seeking clarification when reviewing job descriptions.

8 January 2021 - JEG support and external panels

This advice has been produced about support that JEG can offer when job evaluation processes break down, including advice on external panels. Please note that this advice document is primarily for England. For advice applicable to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, employers should consult their respective job evaluation leads. 

2 December 2020 - Advice for using template job descriptions

This document has been published to help employers when using a job description that has been developed and banded by another organisation. Download and read the document.

July 2018 - Advice on NHS Integrated Urgent Care Career Framework

This statement is a reminder to employers of the need to ensure proper job evaluation processes are used when determining pay bands in this area. Read the advice.

July 2018 - Advice on nursing associate pilots

Understand what you need to know about the job evaluation aspects of the nursing associates pilot. Download the guidance.

    • JEG representatives

      The Job Evaluation Group is jointly chaired by Claire Surtees from NHS Blood & Transplant and Salli Roddis from NHS Sussex ICB as the managemnet side co-chairs, alongside their staff side counterpart, Louise Chinnery from UNISON.

      The group ensures the system is fit for purpose and provides ongoing national advice to organisations, to support local implementation of job evaluation.

      The JEG representatives are listed below.

      Employer representatives

      • Claire Surtees - Head of Workforce Specialist Services at NHS Blood & Transplant
      • Salli Roddis - Deputy Director of People at NHS Sussex ICB
      • Andrea Thomas - NHS Wales Employers
      • Bill Partner - Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS
      • Helen Cruess - James Paget University Hospital 
      • Jan Mumford - London Ambulance 
      • Kay Gilbert - Independent Advisor, Equal Pay
      • Lisa Barclay - NHSBSA
      • Oonagh Burns - HSCNI
      • Paul Watt - NHS Scotland

      Staff side representatives

      • Louise Chinnery - UNISON National Officer, UNISON
      • Ann Fordham - RCM Regional Officer (South East England), Royal College of Midwives
      • Clare Jacobs - Royal Collage of Nursing 
      • Martin Jackson - Chair of GMB National NHS Committee, GMB
      • Paul Smith - Staff side Secretary, James Paget University Hospital
      • Penny Bromley - Senior Negotiating Officer, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
      • Peter Higgs - Society of Radiographers 
      • Kevin McAdam - Unite Regional Officer for Health, Unite the Union Northern Ireland
      • Vivienne Nelson - Unison