The importance of partnership working on job evaluation

This page outlines the importance of partnership working and what can be done at a local level to ensure that it is delivered successfully.

16 October 2023

Good job evaluation (JE) practice can increase confidence in pay outcomes and reduce the number of grievances lodged and reviews requested by post holders.

Organisational commitment to partnership working is key to this and is a fundamental principle of the NHS Job Evaluation Scheme.

This page outlines what can be done at a local level to ensure that job evaluation is delivered successfully, including the actions employers can take to support this.

Job evaluation panellists – staff side

Staff side involvement in job evaluation panels is key to the success of job evaluation locally. However, over recent years JEG has noticed a decrease in the number of staff side reps coming forward to be trained to become JE practitioners.

As well as contributing to the running of JE locally, staff side panel members develop a variety of skills that may be helpful for their overall development, including:

  • attention to detail
  • asking questions and working with others
  • raised awareness of bias and the need for objectivity
  • assisting in keeping records of panel decisions
  • reporting back to their local staff side or union branch depending on local lines of accountability (for staff side).

All panellists need adequate time off for attending training and panels.
Please note: For staff side practitioners, this time does not come from local facility time and does not need to be reported as such.

Employers are advised to work with their local trade unions to increase staff side involvement in job evaluation.

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