Michael West on recovery and renewal

Michael West shares his views on how NHS leaders can compassionately support NHS staff in the recovery from the pandemic.

13 March 2021

Professor Michael West, senior visiting fellow at The King's Fund and professor of organisational psychology at Lancaster University has created an insightful video that addresses how the NHS can recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and what steps organisations can take to prioritise the health and wellbeing of staff.

Michael outlines three key issues that can help trust leaders to move forward when recovering from the pandemic.

  • Demonstrate compassionate leadership by listening to staff, understanding their challenges, and providing support for staff to do the best job they can.
  • Allow time for the workforce to rest and recover post-pandemic and prioritise the needs of staff, recognising that their wellbeing needs must be met going forward.
  • Create conditions in the future that will preserve the health and wellbeing of staff to effectively deliver health and care services in the NHS.

Watch the video for more information on how you can support your organisation's recovery from the pandemic using compassionate and inclusive leadership.