Recruitment agency list

A list of recruitment agencies that operate in accordance with the revised Code of Practice.

22 February 2022

This list is sorted by agency name, professionals supplied, and region.

Each profession an agency recruits is listed as a separate entry.

Agencies that have successfully applied to the Code will receive a letter confirming this and will be added to the list in the next monthly update. 

Use the search function to find an agency, profession, whether an agency is on an approved framework - Health Trust Europe (HTE) or Work Force Alliance (WFA) - or click on the table headers to sort by column A-Z. 

These recruitment agencies operate in accordance with the Department of Health and Social Care revised Code of Practice (published 25 February 2021) for the international recruitment of healthcare professionals.

NHS organisations are urged to only use agencies which appear on this list, although inclusion on the list does not imply that they belong to a group that are either preferred suppliers or recommended by NHS Employers or the Department of Health and Social Care.

Once an agency has successfully applied to the Code, applications can then be made to an approved framework. NHS organisations are strongly recommended to engage with an approved framework to contract any requirements for the international recruitment of healthcare professionals. Each framework agreement will have its own unique terms, specification, commercial structure and added value benefits, so please engage with the relevant parties to ensure that you get the support you need to support your overseas recruitment  and successful outcomes. 

Please note: The NHS Employers organisation name and logo are protected and commercial recruitment agencies are not permitted to use it on any of their materials.