Retention and attraction: a visual model

This downloadable infographic highlights the key ways that advocating a positive experience for staff supports retention and attraction in the NHS.

5 December 2023

The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan sets out how the service will address existing and future workforce challenges by recruiting and retaining more staff and improving the experience of both staff and patients. 

Attracting and retaining a future workforce in an ever-changing employment landscape can be challenging, but when good work is implemented it leads to a range of improvements and benefits for all.

Our new retention and attraction infographic details the key elements that can influence, shape and bring good work to life, drawing particularly on the seven key elements of the NHS People Promise identified as improving the workplace experience for staff. 

It also highlights the improvements organisations can achieve when working collaboratively across teams to support both a new and current workforce. When people and teams work collaboratively, they can shift culture, change ideas, maximise impact and make a lasting difference to the retention and attraction of NHS staff. 

The NHS aims to be an employer of choice, and to secure a future workforce it must continue to prioritise staff experience from the very beginning of employment though to retirement. With a wide variety of career routes and roles available within the service, employers must support our NHS people to stay and thrive. 

Additional resources

We have published a range of further resources on retention which you may find useful: 

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