International Retention Toolkit updates May 2024

The toolkit has been updated with the latest information, good practice examples and resources.

15 May 2024

NHS Employers has updated the International Retention Toolkit to reflect current policy and links to the latest information, good practice examples and resources. 

The latest version includes: 

  • information about the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Improvement Plan
  • new examples of good practice in retaining international staff from across England
  • latest research on the recruitment and retention of international nurses from the University of Huddersfield
  • additional tools and further reading to support your approach to retaining your staff
  • a new video on maximising the personal and professional growth of internationally-educated colleagues
  • an updated international retention checklist
  • a link to the Stay and Thrive podcast series that explores what it’s like to come from another country and work in the NHS.

Take a look at the full toolkit on our website.

If you have any good practice recruitment examples you would like to share, please contact