National Inclusion Week 2023

NHS Employers sponsored National Inclusion Week which took place 25 September – 1 October 2023. Find out what happened during the week.

25 September 2023

National Inclusion Week aims to raise awareness of and celebrate inclusion in the workplace, encouraging employers and employees to consider and reflect on the things they could be doing better but also to celebrate the successes they have achieved through diversity and inclusion work. 

Created by Inclusive Employers and now in its eleventh year, the theme for National Inclusion Week is ‘Take Action Make Impact’.  The week aimed to get organisations and individuals thinking about what actions they can take and the impacts these actions could have on marginalised people in their workplaces.

NHS Employers supported the week. Paul Deemer, head of diversity and inclusion at NHS Employers said: 

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring National Inclusion Week 2023. In 2022 over 6000 organisations participated in the week. It’s therefore a great opportunity for the NHS to use the week as a platform to showcase the amazing work that the NHS is doing in this field. 

Our people are our most important asset and the more diverse they are, the better our creativity and problem-solving will be and the higher the impact on patient care. I encourage NHS organisations to get involved, explore and share practical examples of actions that have been taken in the NHS to improve inclusion, so others can learn from them.” 

Catch-up on what happened during the week

  • National Inclusion Week started with a launch event on 25 September and concluded with a best practice showcase which took place on 29 September. 
  • Read our interview with Inclusive Employers to find out why we chose to sponsor National Inclusion Week 2023 and how we support NHS staff on their inclusion journey.
  • Read our blog about why inclusion in the workplace is an essential part of NHS culture. 
  • Read our blog on how the NHS empowers employee inclusion through staff networks.
  • On 27 September we held a webinar with Inclusive Employers on how to take action to prioritise mental health at work. We explored the importance of supporting teams, the signs that someone is struggling with their mental health, the workplace issues that can impact mental health and how to support the mental health of our teams. 
  • Listen to our National Inclusion Week podcast on the importance of staff networks.