NHS Emeritus pilot scheme for consultants and SAS doctors

A new digital platform to connect retired or retiring doctors with organisations, supporting flexible retirement and an alternative to agency staff.

30 April 2024

NHS Emeritus is a national initiative from NHS England and Liaison Workforce that offers a digital platform to connect retired or nearing retirement consultants and SAS doctors with NHS organisations.

The scheme aims to make optimal use of technology, enabling clinicians who have retired or nearing retirement to use their expertise and experience to support their NHS colleagues by delivering care remotely and flexibly, when clinically appropriate and practically feasible. 

The scheme is currently in its initial phase with over 40 providers now registered and onboarding, ready to access the 200+ Emeritus consultants who have registered to join. The programme has recently widened to include SAS doctors. 

The platform aims to provide trusts with an alternative to using agency staff, while allowing experienced specialists who are nearing retirement but want to keep working in the NHS longer, or recently retired consultants who want to re-join, with a route back in with more flexibility. 

The NHS Emeritus scheme can be discussed as part of conversations between employers and clinicians that are exploring flexible retirement options. Our guidance provides more information on how flexible retirement can be used to support retention, and the benefits it offers to both organisations and employees. 

Access the guidance: Using flexible retirement to support retention.

For more information, please visit the NHS Emeritus website.