Publication of the Good Medical Practice 2024

The General Medical Council (GMC) has published an updated version of Good Medical Practice, the professional standards for all doctors in the UK.

24 August 2023

The Good Medical Practice sets out the standards of patient care and professional behaviour expected of all doctors in the UK, across all specialties, career stages and sectors.

The current version of Good Medical Practice will continue to apply to doctors on the medical register until the updated version comes into effect on 30 January 2024.

These standards will also apply to physician associates and anaesthesia associates in the future, once they’re regulated by the GMC.

Five key updates

The standards focus on behaviours and values which support good team work, make everyone feel safe to speak up, and empower doctors to provide quality care. In particular, the GMC has updated five key areas to help doctors:

  • create respectful, fair and compassionate workplaces for colleagues and patients
  • promote patient centred care
  • tackle discrimination
  • champion fair and inclusive leadership
  • support continuity of care and safe delegation.

The guide also includes new professional standards on what constitutes sexual harassment. Read a response to these new standards from Sam Allen, chair of the Health and Care Women Leaders network, on the NHS Confederation website

Visit the GMC's web pages to view further information on Good Medical Practice 2024.