Fit and proper person regulation (FPPR)

The regulation requires NHS trusts to check all executive and non-executive directors (or equivalent roles) are suitable and fit to do the role.

22 April 2021

The fit and proper person regulation (FPPR) came into force for all NHS trusts in November 2014 and requires organisations to seek assurance that all executive and non-executive directors (or those in equivalent roles) are suitable and fit to undertake the responsibilities of their role. The NHS employment check standards can support employers to have robust and effective recruitment processes in place to assess the suitability of all newly appointed directors.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) holds NHS trusts to account in relation to FPPR. More information about the CQC’s role can be found on its website.

In 2019 the Kark review of the fit and proper persons test (FPPT) was published. The review sought to establish why the FPPT for directors was not being applied effectively.

Read the NHS Confederation's briefing on the review for a full overview of the recommendations and their initial assessment of the review.

Further information about how to meet compliance with FPPR requirements can be found in the following guidance documents.