Fraud and security awareness webinar video

Watch the recording of our webinar session led by counter fraud specialists.

21 March 2024

This informative webinar provided an insight into fraud, bribery and corruption and offered advice on how to mitigate organisational risk in NHS recruitment. Presentations were followed up with a helpful Q&A session. 


Fraud has been identified as the crime that people are most likely to experience in the United Kingdom and no individual or organisation is immune from the risk. NHS organisations have access to experienced counter fraud specialists who are equipped and determined to lead the fight against fraud affecting the NHS; but everyone has a part to play in combating fraud.

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority estimates that fraud costs the NHS £1.21 billion a year - enough money to pay for over 40,000 staff nurses, or to purchase over 5,000 frontline ambulances. This is taxpayers' money that is taken away from patient care and falls into the hands of criminals.

Watch the recording