Supporting staff to work flexibly

See our downloadable flexible working infographic, highlighting the range of flexible working options available to NHS staff.

28 March 2024

The NHS Long Term Workforce Plan states that employers should boost the flexible options offered to staff to work in ways that suit them and support the retention of our valued NHS workforce. 

The changes made to the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook in September 2021 outline the day-one right to make a flexible working request, without any limitations or the reasons behind them, advocating for an organisational culture which embraces working flexibly. 

The NHS People Promise also commits organisations to work flexibly, encouraging staff to work collaboratively to change cultures and make a lasting difference to the experience of NHS staff. 

Feedback from staff in the NHS Staff Survey 2023 shows an increase in satisfaction around flexible working, with particular improvement in feeling able to raise flexible working issues with managers. These improvements offer a positive reflection on the work taking place in organisations to support a culture of flexible working.

Flexible working infographic

To support the above aims, our new infographic offers employers a handy overview of flexible working options that may be available to staff. It also provides a useful resource to support individual flexible working conversations. 

Additional resources

We offer a range of resources on flexible working which you may find useful: 

  • Our flexible working enablers for change guidance and poster can be used to enhance board level discussions, encourage culture change and promote better flexible working practices. 
  • Our guide to making a flexible working requests flowchart, created in collaboration with the NHS Staff Council, details the steps line managers and staff should take when working through a flexible working request.
  • The NHS Staff Council has developed a range of scenarios to help employers embed the new contractual flexible working provisions. 
  • Our flexible working hub hosts a variety of resources to support employers in working flexibly, flexible retirement and agile working.