Band 2 and 3 clinical support worker roles webinar

Webinar: NHS Employers - band 2 and 3 clinical support worker roles - supporting employers to respond to current issues.

General information

24 August 2022 11:30 GMT
Open to all

Over 130 people joined NHS Employers, Employment Relations staff for our webinar on how best to identify and differentiate between band 2 and band 3 clinical support roles and learnt about the guidance available to inform these decisions.  

Participants heard from employers that are undertaking reviews of these roles across their workforce and also learnt how to respond to local issues and re-banding requests. 

Resources from the event -

  1. HCSW standardised job description approved (Band 2)
  2. Senior HCSW standardised job description approved (Band 3)
  3. JE report for Healthcare Support Worker Band 2 (Nursing, Acute Services NHSGGC)
  4. JE report for Senior Healthcare Support Worker Band 3 (Nursing, Acute Services, NHSGGC)
  5. HCSW New and Changed Job Process
  6. Unison Case Form- HCSW Aug 2017


For further guidance on these roles, visit the JEG advice page on NHS Employers website. 

Webinar video