Revised offer for the SAS doctor workforce

BMA to put revised and final offer to SAS doctors in England.

16 May 2024

After further negotiations between government and the British Medical Association (BMA), a revised offer has been made which union members will now vote on. 

The offer has been designed to address the imbalance between old and new contracts, speed up the delivery of some of the key objectives of the 2021 deal and encourage more existing SAS doctors to take up the new contracts. If accepted, this deal will prevent industrial action by BMA SAS members.

To address the imbalance between the old and new contracts, government has offered a pay uplift of between 9.5 per cent and 19.4 per cent, depending on the pay scale point. 

There is also the offer of a consolidated payment of £1,400 to those SAS doctors on closed contracts (pro-rated where appropriate, including for those on hospital practitioner and clinical assistant contracts).

Additionally, the deal will include further support to provide career progression opportunities for SAS doctors, and job security for those on locally employed doctor contracts equivalent to SAS roles. 

Next steps

The BMA will put this offer to its members with voting to take place between 31 May to 14 June. Strike action will continue to be paused during this time. Further information on full aspects of the deal will be made available in due course.