Updates to the consultant 2003 contract

The consultant terms and conditions of service and model contract have been updated with amendments made to schedules 13, 14 and 29.

22 May 2024

Today (Wednesday 22 May), we have published pay and conditions circular (M&D) 2-2024 that notifies employers in the NHS in England of changes to schedules 13, 14 and 29 of the Terms and Conditions – Consultants (England) 2003 and a revised model contract.

Download the following updated documents from our consultant contract web page:

  • Terms and Conditions – Consultants (England) 2003 version 14
  • model contract version 9
  • record of amendments.

The new pay scale and shared parental leave form phase 1 of implementing the pay deal reached to resolve the industrial dispute between trade unions and the government. The Department of Health and Social Care's offer document provides further detail on the full offer.

Read the full offer (PDF).

Phase 1

This is phase 1 of the updates required to implement the government pay deal. It provides updates to the consultant pay scale and includes the entitlement to shared parental leave.  

  • Reform of the consultant (2003 contract) pay scale: 

On 29 April, we published the Pay and Conditions Circular (M&D) 1/2024. Payments will be made in May's salaries, including backpay to 1 March 2024. 

Schedules 13 and 14 have been updated to reflect the new pay scale. 

  • Shared parental leave: 

Schedule 29 of the Terms and Conditions – Consultants (England) 2003 has been updated to include the entitlement of shared parental leave. From the date of publication consultants that are entitled to give employers eight-weeks' notice to take shared parental leave. 

Phase 2

Schedules 15 and 30 will be updated as part of phase 2 of the implementation plan.  

  • Pay progression: 

Schedule 15 of the Terms and Conditions – Consultants (England) 2003 will be amended and pay progression guidance will be published. ESR is undergoing a major update allowing for system changes to enable the pay progression process. The system update will be completed in preparation for an implementation date that could be September 2024 at the earliest. The terms and conditions will be updated ahead of time.

  • Local Clinical Excellence Awards (LCEAs): 

The contractual entitlement to access annual awards rounds ceased on 1 April 2024. Therefore, there will be no new award rounds.  

Pre-2018 awards are retained and remain pensionable and consolidated. The value of these awards is frozen and the review process for these awards has been removed. 

Schedule 30 of the Terms and Conditions – Consultants (England) 2003 will be amended to reflect the agreement reached. Additional discussions on Schedule 30 provisions beyond the scope of the agreement are continuing between DHSC and trade unions, and when these are concluded, an amended Schedule 30 will be published.