Updates to the salaried dental 2008 contract and appraisals guidance

The salaried dental TCS and model contract have been updated with amendments made to schedules 3 and 16, along with a new pay circular.

17 June 2024

Today (Monday 17 June), we have published pay and conditions circular (M&D) 3-2024 that notifies employers in the NHS in England of changes to schedules 3 and 16 of the Terms and Conditions – salaried dental 2008 and a revised model contract. This is to update and remove information to align with current pension provisions.  

Download the following updated documents from our salaried dental contract web page:

  • salaried dental terms and conditions of service 
  • model contract for salaried dentists
  • salaried dental terms and conditions of service record of amendments
  • model contract for salaried dentists record of amendments.

Appraisals guidance

We have also updated the appraisals guidance, which we worked on with the British Dental Association (BDA) to refresh.

In April 2020, in response to a request by the BDA, NHS Employers sought and gained ministerial approval to temporarily suspend appraisals (which are an annual requirement for those on the salaried primary care dentists’ contract). It is now expected that employers will resume the standard approach to appraisals.

The June 2024 guidance can be accessed on the salaried dentist web page.