FAQs for doctors' and dentists' contracts

This page brings together all the FAQs and guidance we have for questions related to medical staff contract issues.

31 March 2023

Doctors and dentists in training FAQS

Access all the resources for doctors and dentists in training.

  • These are the answers to the most asked questions regarding the 2016 doctors in training terms and conditions.

  • These are the answers to questions related to the 2018 contract refresh amendments.  

  • These are answers to questions related to the guardians of safe working hours and exception reporting processes.  

Specialty and specialist (SAS) doctors and dentists FAQs 

Access our SAS main page for further useful resources.

  • These FAQs have been developed to help employers with questions around the implementation of the new specialty doctor and specialist grade contracts. 

  • This is a PDF document that details FAQs relating to the 2008 specialty and associate specialist contracts. 

  • Access the SAS resource web page.

Consultants contract FAQs 

Access our main consultants web page for other useful resources.

  • This is a PDF document that answers frequently asked questions relating to the 2003 consultant contract.   

  • These FAQs cover current arrangements for consultant local clinical excellence awards.   

  • This web page has the steps that employers need to take to ensure that they have calculated the necessary funds for investment across the four years covered by interim arrangements from 2018/19 to 2021/22.  

Salaried dentists FAQs 

Access our main salaried dentists web page for other useful resources.

  • This is a PDF document that details FAQs relating to salaried dentists. 

Other FAQs  

  • These FAQs detail how to deal with questions on bank holiday and lieu days for junior doctors, consultants and SAS doctors.  

  • These are FAQs on mileage allowance. These are relevant to to staff on the NHS Terms and Conditions Handbook and to doctors and dentists in training on the 2016 terms and conditions of service. Other medical and dental staff have separate mileage arrangements as detailed in their TCS. 

If your query is not answered in the above documents and web pages, please email doctors and dentists.