LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month takes place in February and is an opportunity to celebrate achievements and support LGBTQ+ staff.

25 January 2022

The campaign is celebrated across the NHS to increase the visibility of the entire LGBTQ+ community, as well as their history and experiences.

This year’s national theme 'The Arc is Long' is inspired by a Martin Luther King quote: ‘The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.’ The quote is thought to mean that although it is taking a long time, we are curving/moving towards social justice and fairness. 

The month will provide a period of reflection, as throughout the pandemic, LGBTQ+ people have faced a unique set of health challenges, including increased isolation, and prolonged exposure to hostile environments.  

The NHS People Plan recognises the urgency of NHS leaders acting and creating an organisational culture where everyone feels that they belong – in particular, improving the experience of staff from diverse and minority backgrounds.

During LGBT+ History Month trusts across England have the opportunity to demonstrate how they are taking action to support LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace.Whilst there will be few in-person events taking place in the NHS due to the ongoing pandemic, there many ways NHS trusts can encourage staff to still get involved.  

What's happening in the NHS during LGBT+ History Month in 2022

  • The Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network will be actively sharing details of local and national events via Twitter and will be launching some new resources. Please follow them on Twitter for regular updates and tweet us using the hashtag #LGBTHistoryMonth. 
  • The Northern Care Alliance (NCA) NHS Foundation Trust has organised an webinar on 3 February 2022. The keynote speaker is Carl Austin-Behan OBE. This event will also feature the trust's EDI Champions Programme, and will provide opportunities to hear from LGBT+ advocates and learn more about how to become an advocate. 

If your network or trust is hosting an event, a blog or a specific resource, let us know and we can promote it.

Access LGBTQ+ resources and information

  • The Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network  has produced a comprehensive set of resources to improve the experiences of LGBTQ+ staff. Find out more about the free network and access their resources

  • NHS Employers has developed a summary of information, tools, resources, and best practice to help you create a culture and environment that welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender staff, allowing them to be themselves at work and to contribute fully to the wider organisation.

  • NHS Employers and the Health and Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network held a webinar in December 2021 'Embedding and empowering LGBTQ+ staff networks webinar'. This session covered the latest good practice on LGBTQ+ staff networks in the NHS and what can be done to ensure they operate effectively, access the recording.

  • The Royal College of Nursing PROUD network promotes equality of opportunity for LGBTQ+ staff in the NHS. A series of resources have been developed including an online exhibition Hidden in plain sight that explores diversity in nursing including how the LGBTQ+ community have helped shape the nursing profession throughout history. 

  • Unison has developed a page detailing resources and key historical moments that have contributed to LGBTQ+ rights and continue to do so.
  • Last year during Pride, Dr Michael Brady, national advisor for LGBT health at NHS England and NHS Improvement shared his views on Pride and some of the issue’s lockdown has highlighted in the LGBTQ+ community.

Get involved  

Keep an eye on our website and Twitterusing hashtag #LGBTHistoryMonth as we and our Health & Care LGBTQ+ Leaders Network join in the celebrations, share stories and resources. 
Should you have any queries please contact