Whistleblowing: procedure, policy and good practice

Watch back our webinar with legal specialists Capsticks examining the legal and practical considerations around whistleblowing at work.

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13 March 2024 GMT
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  • Laura Horovitz External link icon
    Legal Director Capsticks Solicitors LLP
This webinar was aimed at supporting workforce leaders to understand the legalities and practicalities to consider when a colleague blows the whistle at work. 

The NHS People Promise states “we each have a voice that counts”. To make this a reality, senior leaders must strive to foster a positive speaking up and listening up culture in their organisations. 

When staff speak up they should feel safe in doing so and assured their concerns are listened to. Equally, it's important that those notified about concerns are confident and consistent in handling these cases. 

Our legal specialists Capsticks detailed all the latest guidance and legal requirements around workplace whistleblowing, using practical examples to highlight how this issue can best be managed within the NHS.

The webinar covered:

  • current law around whistleblowing
  • how to handle cases involving whistleblowing 
  • the overlap with other policies 
  • how to uphold good practice. 

Watch the webinar recording