Experiences of ethnic minorities and IMG practitioners

NHS Resolution has published new research to further understanding of the lived experience of ethnic minority and IMG practitioners.

28 March 2024

The research looks into the lived experience of ethnic minority and international medical graduate (IMG) practitioners. 

The findings from the report provided the views of practitioners and whether they felt they had been treated fairly by Practitioner Performance Advice and their employer. 

Access the report and its supporting documents on the NHS Resolution website

NHS Resolution hopes the publication and supporting resources will help decision makers working with doctors, dentists and pharmacists feel supported by the Practitioner Performance Advice Service (PPAS) and ask employers to consider:

  • Are any of the experiences or themes present in cases I am managing?
  • How can I ensure management of concerns is fair for all at my organisation?
  • What can I do to ensure my organisation has a culture free from discrimination and bullying?
  • Do we contact Advice early enough? There is no threshold for contact with the Advice service and earlier involvement of Advice may lead to earlier resolution. 
  • Could my organisation benefit from the just and learning culture charter at the end of Being Fair 2 or education courses?
  • Who could I share and discuss this insight with?

If you’d like to discuss your organisational activity report to reflect on themes and trends in your cases over time, please contact the Advice service