TRS posters to promote that statements are ready to view

2023/2024 Total Reward Statements (TRS) are available to view. You can now communicate this to staff using our posters.

18 September 2023

It’s time to communicate to staff that TRS have been updated and are ready to be viewed through ESR employee self-service, for organisations that use the facility.

Staff actively contributing to the NHS Pension Scheme without access to ESR will be contacted by NHS Business Service Authority (NHS BSA) regarding their new digital platform, My NHS Pension.

TRS provides personalised information about the value of the employment package and includes details of any local benefits. It also holds information on the NHS Pension Scheme, which is vital to check, especially for those who are planning retirement.

You can signpost staff to NHS BSA website for useful guidance on understanding TRS.

We also have some resources on our TRS web page that employers may find useful, to help keep track of TRS deadlines and resources to support communications.   

Use our TRS posters to let your staff know statements have been updated and can be viewed online. The posters are provided in Word so they are fully editable and can feature your logo.  All the posters are available in full colour and black and white options.

Colour TRS posters

TRS poster 1

TRS poster 2

Black and white posters

TRS poster 3

TRS poster 4

Really printer friendly version

TRS poster 5