Employer guide to nursing associates

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Welcome to our employer guide to nursing associates.nursing associate arms folded

This guide has been put together to provide an overview of the nursing associate role and compiles all information needed for employers to successfully embed the role into their organisation.

Use the navigation bar on the right to look through the different sections. You can also download the whole guide as a pdf, download specific sections and search for a specific topic using the buttons on the right hand side.

Section 1: Introduction to nursing associates
In this section we describe an overview of the role, including a one page at-a-glance guide to the role which can be downloaded and printed.

Section 2: Introducing nursing associates into your organisation
In this section we highlight what you will need to consider when introducing trainee nursing associate programmes into your organisation, including:

  • What does a nursing associate qualification contain?
  • What opportunities does the role present?
  • How can workforce planning support the successful introduction of this role?
  • How do you involve staff in understanding the need for and placement of trainee nursing associates?
  • How do I build the business case for nursing associates?
  • How do I ensure patients and the public understand the role?

Section 3: Establishing your nursing associate training programme
In this section we’ll explore the key strategic and operational steps you will need to take to set up your training programmes including:

  • What does a nursing associate qualification contain?
  • What are the current routes available to train a nursing associate?
  • Is there any funding available to support clinical placements?
  • What are the entry requirements for trainee nursing associate programmes?
  • Where can trainee nursing associates be deployed?
  • What does the trainee nursing associate programme look like in practice?
  • How to ensure a quality training experience for trainee nursing associates?

Section 4: Deployment and employment of qualified nursing associates
In this section you will find information on how to employ qualified, register nursing associates, as well as signposts to information from the relevant bodies on the deployment of qualified nursing associates.

  • How could I deploy qualified nursing associates?
  • How do I support qualified nursing associates when in post?
  • What steps are required for registration and revalidation?

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