What the AfC pay deal means for each pay band

These new posters detail the value of the Agenda for Change pay deal for eligible staff.

19 May 2023

We have developed a new series of posters to help NHS staff to understand what the pay deal means for each individual pay grade.

A poster has been produced for each band of the Agenda for Change pay scale. We have set out the new basic salary for each pay point, as well as the value of the one-off payments that staff can expect to receive in June: their 2022/23 non-consolidated payments and the back pay from their 2023/24 pay uplift.

Please note: The figures used are based on a full-time equivalent role, and have been provided before any deductions for tax, National Insurance or pension contributions.

Band 1 and 2 Band 8a
Band 3 Band 8b
Band 4 Band 8c
Band 5 Band 8d
Band 6 Band 9
Band 7  

You can also download the full set of posters.

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