How are you feeling NHS? toolkit

Our emotional wellbeing toolkit explains the contributors to decreased emotional wellbeing and shows you how to encourage improvements.

14 January 2019

It’s easier to recognise someone’s physical wellbeing than their emotional wellbeing. We also find it much easier to engage in conversations about physical health, but often find talking about emotional wellbeing to be more of a challenge.

The implications of decreased emotional wellbeing are detrimental as it can contribute to mental health and stress concerns, it is important to ensure good staff wellbeing by encouraging conversation in the workplace.

How are you feeling NHS? toolkit

This easy-to-use resource has been developed with NHS staff to:

  • help bridge a gap in understanding and enable us to talk openly and regularly about emotional health
  • assess the impact emotional wellbeing has on ourselves, our colleagues and on our patients
  • enable us to action plan to enable more good days than bad.

Staff identified that emotional wellbeing can be explained in three ways. We are either:

  • on a go-slow
  • having a good day
  • on the edge.

Start using the toolkit now to check your own wellbeing or speak to and support colleagues with their emotional wellbeing.