New NHS England framework for line managers

NHS England has developed a new framework for line managers detailing how they can better support and retain our valued NHS workforce.

10 November 2023

NHS England has launched a framework for line managers aimed at supporting retention of staff as part of its 10-year strategy on the future of NHS human resources and organisational development.

The framework supports leaders and managers in embedding Our Leadership Way and Our NHS People Promise, with the ultimate goal of addressing the objectives set out in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.

The Long Term Workforce Plan has emphasised the crucial importance of retaining our NHS staff. It says managers and leaders must act to better retain staff by facilitating a positive, supportive and compassionate culture that prioritises workplace experience and wellbeing. 

The role of a line manager is central to how NHS staff feel at work and to the delivery of quality patient care. Managers give direction, clarify individual and team objectives, and are instrumental in ensuring colleagues feel appreciated, supported and cared for at work.

The new framework sets out a clear direction to improving how people are managed in the NHS. It aims to create a ripple effect on recruiting, retaining and sustaining staff, and to help the NHS become a true employer of choice for the current and future workforce.

You can see further information on supporting line managers here.