Drivers for retention in the NHS

A downloadable infographic highlighting eight key drivers to help employers achieve impact on staff retention.

28 March 2024

The Long Term Workforce Plan identifies improved retention as a key element of its workforce expansion aims, establishing a renewed focus on retention through improved culture, staff wellbeing and leadership. 

The NHS Staff Survey 2023 results highlighted positive improvements in team morale, backed by a reduction in staff saying they were thinking of leaving the NHS. The findings also emphasise the importance of compassionate and inclusive leadership in continuing to improve the experience of staff and encourage more colleagues to stay in the service.

Our new infographic highlights eight key drivers which can support retention across the NHS and maximise the impact of local retention strategies. The drivers focus on staff experience, and how creating a positive workplace experience for colleagues is central to the NHS retention agenda. 

The eight key drivers 

Find further details and resources to support each of the key drivers below.