Identity checks

Details on the requirements to verify the identity of all prospective employees in the NHS.

5 January 2021

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Please be aware, NHS Employers has published temporary pre-employment check requirements for employers to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please read the information available in our guidance section.

This standard outlines the requirements to verify the identity of all prospective employees in the NHS.

Checking a candidate's identity is the most fundamental of all the pre-employment requirements, as it forms the basis of all other checks.

The identity check standard includes:

  • examples of acceptable forms of documentary evidence in appendix 1
  • guidance on checking documents for authenticity in appendix 2.

This standard does not outline the checks or documentary evidence required to assess a candidate's right to work. Employers should refer to the right to work checks standard which outlines the checks required to verify an individual's legal right to work in the UK. There are six employment check requirements that employers must undertake as part of their recruitment processes.

Take a look at our summary of updates to quickly identify the latest changes made to all of the pre-employment check standards.

Further guidance

We have produced a list of recommended persons of some standing in the community who can be asked to counter-sign passport-sized photographs where individuals are genuinely unable to provide other forms of photographic personal ID.

Read the background information about the purpose of the standards, who they apply to and how to meet compliance and view our frequently asked questions.