Section 13: Annual leave and general public holidays

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13.1 Staff will receive the entitlement to annual leave and general public holidays as set out in Table 6 (see Section 12 for provisions on reckonable service).

Table 6: Leave entitlements1

Length of service  Annual leave and general public holidays
On appointment  27 days + 8 days
After five years' service  29 days + 8 days
After ten years' service  33 days + 8 days 

13.2 Local arrangements to consolidate some or all of the general public holidays into annual leave may operate, subject to agreement at local level.

13.3 These leave entitlements include the two extra-statutory days available in England and Wales in the past. Therefore, any local arrangements to add days on account of extra-statutory days will no longer apply. In Scotland this entitlement includes the two additional days that could previously be designated as either statutory days or annual leave. In Northern Ireland this entitlement also contains the two extra statutory days, however there are ten general public holidays.

13.4 Staff required to work or to be on-call on a general public holiday are entitled to equivalent time to be taken off in lieu at plain time rates, in addition to the appropriate payment for the duties undertaken. See Section 2 (England and Wales) or Section 2 (Scotland and Northern Ireland) and Annex 292.

13.5 Where staff work standard shifts, other than 7½ hours excluding meal breaks, annual leave and general public holiday entitlements should be calculated on an hourly basis, to prevent staff on these shifts receiving greater or less leave than colleagues on standard shifts.3

13.6 Part-time workers will be entitled to paid public holidays no less than pro-rata to the number of public holidays for a full-time worker, rounded up to the nearest half day.

13.7 Part-time workers’ public holiday entitlement shall be added to their annual leave entitlement, and they shall take public holidays they would normally work as annual leave.

13.8 An existing part-time worker who, prior to 1 October 2004, was in receipt of a public holiday entitlement in excess of pro-rata to a full-time worker, shall have their excess entitlement protected for a period of five years from the date of assimilation onto this system.

13.9 Pay during annual leave will include regularly paid supplements, including any recruitment and retention premia, payments for work outside normal hours and high cost area supplements. Pay is calculated on the basis of what the individual would have received had he/she been at work. This would be based on the previous three months at work or any other reference period that may be locally agreed.

1 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales) or Annex 28 (Scotland and Northern Ireland).
2 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales) or Annex 28 (Scotland and Northern Ireland).
3 See the question and answer guidance in Annex 28 (England and Wales) or Annex 28 (Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Information note number 1: amendment number 34

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