Staff experience evaluation workshops

In partnership with RAND Europe, we hosted workshops to help delegates effectively evaluate their staff experience strategy and initiatives.

General information

17 March 2022 09:15 - 10:45 GMT
Open to all


In partnership with RAND Europe, we hosted evaluation workshops to support health and wellbeing leads in their role. They helped delegates to understand how to effectively evaluate their staff experience strategy and/or initiatives.

We organised these workshops into five regions and encourage delegates to try and attend the date that best fits the region their organisation sits in, so that after the event they could continue to build on the relationships/connections they may have made in the workshop. During the sessions delegates were also given space and time to draw on RAND Europe’s expertise in workplace health and wellbeing.

Sessions were led by Michael Whitmore, research leader and William Phillips, analyst, in the health and wellbeing team at RAND Europe. Each workshop covered:

  • How to make the most out of pre-existing staff data (for example, pulse surveys, staff engagement survey, administrative data etc.)
  • What other data could you collect?
  • How data and evaluation are different.
  • How to most effectively use available data to evaluate interventions/initiatives.
  • How to build effective business cases to enhance health and wellbeing.
Region Date Time 
Northwest Tuesday, 8 February 2022           10:00-11:30am     
Midlands and East Thursday, 17 February 2022 10:00-11:30am 
London  Thursday, 3 March 2022 9:30-11:00am
Southwest Tuesday, 8 March 2022 11:00-12:30pm 
Northeast, Yorkshire and Humber Thursday, 17 March 2022 9:15-10:45am

If you missed the session, this guidance has been developed to help you measure feedback from your health and wellbeing strategies or initiatives. The guidance includes:

  • defining your objectives
  • identify your target audience
  • mapping tasks and activities
  • Define performance measures
  • Identify data sources
  • Consider the use of real-time data
  • Risks and constraints
  • Resources to help guide your evaluation - this includes the recording from one of the workshops

If you have any questions, please contact healthandwellbeing@nhsemployers.org